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In this gallery you will find examples of pool lighting from the Tulsa area. Some are in Tulsa others Bartlesville, Broken Arrow and elsewhere. Most of the outdoor lighting jobs that I have completed are designed and installed after the home, landscape or pool are finished. At times though I really wish I could have been involved as it was being built. This is especially the case when there is a great deal of hardscape which can be the case for a pool. There are several pictures of a hardscape pool below where this is the case. This particular lighting job I could not have completed afterwards. If there is a way to do so, I will find the best way to design and complete the job as in the case of the Baker Pool that has the stone feature and waterfall behind the pool. I did lighting for and even it I did after it was built . If there there is landscaping all around the pool it is not problem to design lighting around the pool in the landscape. With lots of hardscape it can become more of a challenge. I will say the jobs that have been more of a challenge many times have become some of my favorite jobs. Pools typically will use two or more lighting techniques one is accenting and another path lighting. With accenting you will be drawing light to a specific feature of the landscape. It may be a tree, or it may be architectural elements in the design of the landscape. Path lighting is designed to light the pathway around the pool. I use mostly lifetime warranty copper path lights that are designed to hide the source of the light. When possible I prefer not to just light the path. I like to put the light into the landscape and feature the landscape and get the path at the same time. With proper lighting placement you can focus on what looks nice, with stones and color in the around the pool and get the walk at the same time instead of simply lining the walk with lights. Please inspect the pool pictures below and call me at 918-899-8709 to design some wonderful lighting for your pool .