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Path Lighting

IMG_5229Path Lighting

This gallery has examples of path lighting and path lights. Typically a path light is used to light a sidewalk or path hence the name path light. I like to use them to do more than simply light walk. Generally a walkway isn’t the pretty part of the landscape. Instead of lining the walk and making it look like a place to land an airplane, I like to put the path light into the landscape highlighting the plants, stones and color of the garden and get the walk with the light that spills over. I have a variety of different path lights available that I like to use and can get any path light that a customer wishes. For the most part I use lifetime warranty copper path lights in Led but also have halogen bulbs still available. I also have a series of lights that are custom made by an artist for me. These lights are quite wonderful, being a work of art in themselves, lighting the walk and landscape and casting a wonderful shadow all at the same time. Please inspect the pictures of my work in this gallery and call me for a free quote. 918-899-8709