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landscape lightingLandscape Lighting

This gallery has examples of landscape lighting. When accenting lighting a landscape I will do something called highlighting. I will use spot lights or bullet lights on the ground that are designed to hide the source of the light. The lights are at the base of the tree and angled upward to highlight the tree. Some trees will take more than one light to do a proper job. This also is form of uplighting. I am asked often about well lights. They have their place and I can upon a customers request, but rarely use them. I like instead to use a light that hides the light source such as a small flood or bullet type light. Too often a well light can become a maintenance problem down the road, either leaking, or at times you are unable to get them open to change the bulbs. Moonlighting is another form of lighting also a form of down lighting that will create wonderful affects. With moonlighting ideally you will have just the perfect tree in the perfect spot. I like to have a nice tree with nice lower branches near a sitting area that allows me to put lights above the branches and cast shadows from the branches below. When the light comes down on your head, you do not see the source. Too often in town I see down lighting with lights in trees all over and to me they just become lights all over. I like to do moonlighting in the select intimate spot like what you see in the pictures below. Call us Today for a free Quote