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The front of your home is a reflection of yourself. home lighting makes your home more inviting and will make it come to life at night. At Moon Lit Gallery Outdoor lighting we work hard to make the front of your home a work of art for you and your neighbors to enjoy. Along with the light also comes security because of the light. A well lit home is not usually one that gets broken into. Below is a gallery of some of the home fronts that we have completed for you to inspect. Since we have been doing home lighting and outdoor lighting for about 10 years now there there are some Halogen and some Led jobs pictured. The Led that we use is so similar now in color that you will not hardly be able to tell the difference. Please inspect the pictures below and call us for a free quote to light your home. We use the highest quality lighting products for our jobs with mostly lifetime warranty brass and copper lights and a lifetime warranty stainless steel transformer. You lights will go on and off at night with a photo cell or a timer is included if you do not wish to run them all night. As little as it costs to run the Led most choose to let them run all night for the added security that the light creates. We would be happy to come to your home and design something for you. There is no charge for us to come out, visit with you and put together a proposal for lighting your home.
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