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Garden Lighting


This gallery has examples of garden and water garden lighting. Growing up in a flower shop and also having a degree in art, gardens have special place in my heart. My father loved his garden and hybridized asiatic lilies. One day maybe I will find the time to develop my garden as I would like but in the meantime I get great satisfaction from helping to bring my customers gardens to life at night. It is truly magnificent how the garden can even be prettier at night than it is in the daylight. When I am lighting a garden the most important thing I stress is hiding the light source. This is true in any job and most important here. I use a combination of copper path lights high lighting the color of the garden or stones etc. Also will be spot or bullet lights highlighting trees and other unique features. Along with that I will sometimes use custom lights built by an artist for me. Most of the lights are now Led and come with a lifetime warranty for the copper and brass lights. Please inspect the pictures of my work in this gallery and call me to help design you garden. 918-899-8709