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This gallery has examples of landscape lighting for a deck. When doing accenting lighting for a deck there are a number of different fixtures that I can use. Led products now will create the same affect as the halogen bulbs that I used in the past. The biggest thing to remember in deck lighting is hide the source of the light. With most of the lighting people are used to seeing this is not the case. However look at the pictures of deck lighting in this gallery and notice the difference it makes when you can do lighting but hide the source of the light. Many times on a deck I will use a copper or powered coated deck light at about every other post and stagger them to do the steps of the deck. The wire when possible goes inside the post or along side it down under the deck and all of the connections are made underneath. Deck lights will also work well on fences, and built into masonry. My pool lighting gallery has deck lights used on one of the hardscape pools. The lights will come on and off at night with a photo cell or sometimes with deck I will add a switch so that you are able to turn part of the job on and off as wanted. For any deck lighting needs call 918-899-8709 for a free quote.