Moonlit Gallery Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Designer – Bart Boewe

bartBart Boewe is a professional landscape lighting designer, with a background in art, horticulture and floral design, Bart views your home as the canvas to bring your home to life at night. While growing up his parents owned four flower shops in Illinois. Boewe started doing floral design at an early age. He always hated to just make another “generic” bouquet that has been made countless times; instead, he wanted to be able to design and create something unique and memerable. Studying horticulture at the University of Illinois, Boewe pursued his passion in art and graduated with a bachelor’s in Fine Art. Outdoor landscape lighting is now his form of art, and your home and landscape is his pallet.

“My goal is this, I want to be the best at what I do. Your home will come alive at night with my landscape lighting. I will study your home and landscape and compliment what you have worked hard to build with light,” states Boewe.

Bart Boewe


Moonlit Gallery 11607 S Hudson Pl. Tulsa, Ok 74137

Originating in Illinois, Moonlit Gallery has expanded to the Tulsa area in 2009.